Empower your students with trusted credentials.

Create and send digital student IDs, certificates, learning achievements, and degrees with no hassle on your end.

We rely on credentials to establish trust. Todays credentials however, are not suited for the digital world we live in. Paper-based credentials are hard to verify and require significant labor to organise and maintain. Alternatives, such as PDFs are easy to fake, and hard for computers to process. Students around the world need access to digital-first credentials. Starting from today, you can change their world. And yours.

Credentialing Software that secures your growth.

Exchanging information with your existing and future students is now easier, more secure and trustful. For you and them.

Create and send with ease.

Enrich credentials with data, add your brand, connect with recipients, send and revoke with ease.

Empower your students.

Students receive and store their credentials in a mobile or cloud wallet, having control over their data.

Protect your brand reputation.

Your credentials can be shared by students with relying parties who can instantly verify their authenticity.

A privacy-first approach to credential management.


Sign credentials using digital signatures. This makes them tamper-evident.

Privacy by design

Students can pick and choose what information they want to share from a credential.


Credentials sent by you are instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.


Send credentials based on W3C standards which makes them portable & interoperable.

Start securing your growth with digital credentials.

Let us know your contact details and we will get back to you asap to discuss your use case, and start issuing digital credentials right away.


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